Relationships can be tough, and as human beings, we may develop adaptations or patterns, which cause us to feel stuck in relationships with our significant partners. EFT typically consists of 8-20 55-minute couple’s sessions.

  • I will first meet with you so that I understand your backgrounds and the nature of your relationship.

  • The next few sessions typically consist of identifying the cycle, also known as the demon dialogue, that takes control of your relationship.

  • Through sharing of emotions involved in the process, I will help to facilitate an understanding of each other’s attachment needs in this process, how our moves in the dance unknowingly perpetuate the cycle, and work toward creating new patterns of interaction.

Throughout EFT, I will be an active participant, persistently validating and encouraging, as you assume this vulnerable position in therapy to bring the change you desire to your relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, is a research-validated therapy specifically developed to help couples reform their attachment. Research supports that 70-75% of couples who have completed a course of treatment move from distress to recovery in 10-12 sessions, and 90% show significant improvement. EFT works equally well with same-sex and differing-sex couples as well as with couples of different cultural backgrounds.

*If you or a loved one have been affected by illness or a neurological disorder, such as Traumatic brain injury (TBI), Parkinson's disorder, or Stroke, you may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or challenges in emotion expression within yourself and/or your relationship. Couples therapy can serve to access emotion and to rekindle your attachment needs.